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Saved Oct 28, 2010
TWSIA Meeting, October 28, 2010
* Salwa
* Mathieu
* Sue
Waiting for:
* Maggie
* Rosemarie
* Categories:
** change "and beyond" to "and graduate education"
** Delete field for 2011 submission, add verbiage about the fact that filling out this form enters your course in the 2011 TWSIA.
* Contributors should be in the course profile.
* Process to submit for another person.
** Add a question about which kind of support the submitter got, and who the submitter is in relation to the course. (use the Development box?)
*** Instructor
*** Instructor Team
*** Instructional Designer
*** Educational Technologist
*** Other: Describe
* Change "lenght in weeks" to "lenght (in hours, days, weeks, months, indicate the unit)".
* Salwa to make the changes, Sue to contact Nate to ask what the next steps are
Next announcement when the form goes live.
* Sample of screen captures and videos from previous years as examples (FAQ)
** Recommend Jing
** Sue and Salwa to send links to good ones to Mathieu
** Mathieu to write the FAQ
Preliminary judges
* Send call for judges
** T&L, User, OSP lists
* Confluence page to sign-up