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Saved May 12, 2013
Notes for Culture in Decline | Episode #5 "Baby Go Boom!":
Who wrote that transscript? Does he/she even know english? 10 errs in the 1st 2 mins.! Why can't Mr. PJ provide the scirpt? After all he MADE it! :-/ Boom, Baby :-/
01:35.856-01:39.829   and the like reveals a culture of fear, if you will, on many levels. ~ I put 'if you will' back in.  I think his intention was to let the audience know that 'culture of fear' could be construed as too strong a statement?
04:29.339-04:33.802   (today) and statistically have always been more likely to die of a peanut allergy.  ~ I changed it to ... statistically always have been ... (i.e. today AND always, statistically.)
nomada timeshifting
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00:17:03,286 --> 00:17:05,860
with about a trillion dollars spent in total.
00:17:06,000 --> 00:17:08,999
And the result over time has been more drugs,
It should not be aperiod between strings?
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00:24:23,000 --> 00:24:25,167
Just like all the little bottleheads out there.
"all the other"? instead of "little"?
  • 408 "little bottleheads" was corrected to "other bobbleheads" ~ lol
(MarlysePi said:  9:19 sourced in social inefficiency (not "sourced in its  social inefficiency") Peter makes a pause to stress the point before  social inefficiency, but there is no word here, as it wouldn't make  sense.)
I hear Peter say "its social inefficiency" - He's talking about political power being sourced by its own social inefficiency. :-)
00:07.324-00:09.284  Breaking news from Canada. Police say
00:09.424-00:11.991  they've broken up an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attack
~DID NOT CHANGE, but:  ''Police say they've broken up an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attack'  Would read better? and would only be 64 ch.
10:07.899-10:10.810 generating mass resentment, and thereby ignoring 
~ REMOVED comma before 'and' - 'generating mass resentment and thereby ignoring
10:25.359-10:29.458  The greatest threat to any political establishment is...
10:29.598- 10:34.746 what do you mean?
~ CAPITALIZED 'What' - phrases are seperate and unrelated.
29:09.881-29:12.802   If so, then perhaps maybe this terrible reality show
~ REMOVED 'perhaps' - perhaps and maybe are interchangeable and redundant.  I kept 'maybe' because Peter uses 'perhaps' 8 times in this video.
29:46.217-30:00.554 - "On a planet that increasingly resembles one huge maximum security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jailbreak." - Robert Anton Wilson. 
~ DID NOT CHANGE but this string has  150 characters
The rest of the changes are just misplaced commas.  LTG - Punctuation: 'It is important for us to punctuate according to correct English structure for the translators and not to the speaker's inflexions,'