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Federico Pistono - Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern? - Proofing Notes GJ 
Timeshifting started by nomada at 24/12/2011
  • This string is the transcription of the text on the screen, which is way longer than the time given to read it until Federico starts talking again. My suggestion is that we cut this screen text into "... your reasoning is blocked by your sect/cult" since it seems to be the only part that matters for the reasoning Federico is trying to share.
  00:14:37,027 --> 00:14:39,000 "Maybe you will disagree on this subject, but then I must conclude that your reasoning is blocked by your sect/cult"
  • Same thing with this string as the case before. Maybe only the last part ofthe string should be transcribed,preceded of ... ?
00:14:44,009 --> 00:14:46,028 "You say you can understand the scientific method, but you sound more like a brainwashed cult follower, than a scientist."
timeshifting done : )
Roddy! This is what I did for the last parts. Think they're ok like this? 
14:36.984 - 14:38.825 "I conclude your reasoning blocked by your sect/cult."
14:38.965 - 14:41.911 No, this does not count as a coherent argument.
14:42.089 - 14:43.569 Let’s see if I can find something else:
14:43.719 - 14:46.067 "You sound more like a brainwashed cult follower, than a scientist."
14:46.207 - 14:48.104 No, that’s not that either.
14:48.283 - 14:52.191 If this is so hard to grasp, I'll make a video on what a cult is
Proofreading Points: (Di, Final Review)
  This is a capitalization error I have seen a lot in this video and other places.  What follows the colon is a complete sentence.  Therefore, the word 'Out' should be capitalized.  I have corrected it in dotsub.
I have also omitted those padding phrases like : of course.
Here’s an interesting fact:
out of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress
only 22 have science or engineering backgrounds
and of these, only two might be considered
experienced scientists or engineers.