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Jacque Fresco Talks about Jealousy and Love - Proofing Notes
Final Review -- Di (3/7/2012)
*Please remember that the guidelines state we will use no punctuation marks before quotations.  The quotation marks will separate the speaker from the quote.
*The use of dashes should be limited to change of speaker, not visible on screen, in dialogue (interview) situations. We should use commas or parentheses ( ) to indicate parenthetical information or a change of thought within a statement. 
*It is acceptable to edit out introductory words: but so, and, etc.
that keeps it straight... So but (if) they say to me, "Your helicopters don't have that; how come?" I don't tell them because that could be a commercial product.
02:45.232 - 02:51.738
They used to come up to my table at the aircraft...  (I believe he stops in mid-sentence here and begins to start a new one).... I'd be....  (only then to stop and start a new one) watch what I was working on, and take out patents on it. 
Because he refers to aircraft company later on I'll do it like this: 
They used to come up to my  table at the aircraft company, watch what I was working on, and take out patents on it. 
06:03.630 - 06:23.750
For if you are trying to teach kids how to draw and they look at another kids drawing, if it's much better than theirs they donĀ“t want to play that game. So I have a partition (to separate them): (Jacque demonstrates these words with his hands so I've added them in) and I tell each kid he's doing well, "You're doing very well" and they all move up slowly. Then in about 3 weeks they're all good, then I take away that thing (the partition).
See, you have to know, that if I say to you "Why can't you be like your brother if I'm your father? He cleans everything up and you leave everything around..." So when your brother falls down the stairs,  you've got a grin on his (your) face because he's (you've) been mistreated.