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Saved Feb 11, 2013
                                                                Please write your name in the space at right ====>
Welcome one and all to the Sunday Feb 10, 2013
Learning2gether and EVO MultiMOOC Hangout
hosted by Vance Stevens and MultiMOOC participants
The hangout should begin at 1500 GMT today
You can listen to the stream here at
and when it's on I'll post the URL here: (below)
IMPORTANT: If you join the hangout SWITCH OFF or MUTE the stream audio and wear HEADSETS
The one problem we had this evening was that THIS chat will allow only 8 to join it, so several tried to get in but could not see the direct chat link here.  This caused some consternation and is the reason we had to invoke Plan B (the second chat window below) ...
If you do not see the text chat, that means it is full (only takes 8 collaborators for sync in free version),  but scroll down to another chat that is open: Plan B Text Chat.  If you do not see that or if you cannot login, refresh your screen and you will see a non-password protected chat box and you'll be all set