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Jacque Fresco-Human or Robot Systems-July 4, 2011 - Proofing Notes
00:35 : don't understand what he says there "if they hit robot?" hihi that doesn't make sense! See under, I think he starts to say "But if" but actually wanted to say "But the" and it comes out sounding like "But if the eh robot "
The major difference is that you can design a robot to walk over, pick up an object and put it in another place, but the robot, before it even moves if you put the object in a place the robot was going to put it in, it will still walk over and grab nothing in particular. Sitll doesn't make a lot of sense to me though. 
1:36 didn't transcribe that bit of sentence that doesn't lead anywhere
01:25.795 - I think it's more clearer like this but I haven't changed it 
When you work on a human being, let's put it this way, work on a chimpanzee or any animal (I'll work with use the example of the chimp this time) put the chimp in a box, a big box and in that box are rods sticking out at different lengths with a cue: a circle, a triangle on one of them, different patterns.
When you work on a human being, (Let's put it this way) or a chimpanzee for example, or any animal....
[If we] put the chimp in a box, a big box
2:50 Changed the term "Bakelite" to "vinyl." The term bakelite is a bit of a misnomer commonly used for all plastics. It was a synthetic resin used for buttons, knobs and jewelry, etc. Only the very earliest records were made of bakelite.( ) Most people won't know what that term is, even though it is clear enough, for me anyway, in this case. 
3:23 don't understand what he says - ellipse - el·lipse/iˈlips/Noun:A  regular oval shape, traced by a point moving in a plane so that the sum  of its distances from two other points (the foci) is constant,...
And When you show variations instead of a circle (slight ellipse) the animal will touch that thing thinking it's a circle because they're not that critical and it gets slightly burnt, so it will never touch that one again.
06:42.914 - I think it's clearer like this but I haven't changed it
(Roxanne) Kurzweil talks about, when nanotechnology comes about implanting something in the head like a second brain, that may be so fast that it could take over the other brain in the person. This is something a concern/issue/topic he's raised (or "This is something he's brought up") . - Well, you can do that
7:02  This is something he's raised. - Well, you can do that
but it doesn't give them the implant leverage like, "I wonder about that."
7:35 "That's a speaker," so when the its' eye sees it, it says "That's a speaker."
7:57 don't understand what he says
But If you call an orange an orange but if you cut it in half, it can't call it an orange.
But if you call an orange an orange and you cut it in half
8:37 organic what ??
organic neurons respond to certain rates of speed 
9:15 : there's a repetition there, didn't transcribe.
10:55 I think Jacque says here that if you put the apple on the ground, the robot won't think ha! the apple is on the ground, that'll make things easier for me.
something like that yes but he changes his mind again with the words he wants to use I believe because he says: "Ha! That makes simplifies things" It's to me like a combi of "that makes things easier/that simplifies things" so I've made it "Ha! That simplifies things"
I agree, it's a combination statement, but I hear him say, " That may simplifies things." 'May simplify', implies that the robot has a new situation that needs considering. 'Simplifies' implies that the choice has been decided. Since the robot has already said, "Ha!" then we know he has already made that connection. So we have a good transcription here. Poor Jacque gets his every word analyzed....His brain moves so fast that he changed midsentence to better fit the statement. I rearranged the strings here to make a better timeshift fit. 
because the words "What have we here?" doesn't don't mean anything to a robot.
11:25 good luck to you proofreaders to sort that one out :D - I think you've put down what she says but I can't make sense of it... 
11:55 I'm not sure I understand what he means there - something to this degree:
Do you understand? If a robot cuts wood with a rotary saw: all the wood is shoved in there, automatically, it cuts it. If you put a human in there, it'll cut it too. It doesn't think "That's a person, I don't want to cut that."
14:10 I didn't transcribe the "hey now" cause the string is already too long