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Saved April 26, 2013
00:24.400-00:26.900 If you could befriend the leader, that was important. ~ Changed from 'that is important' for consistency of tense.
05:11.160-05:15.010 In Italy you talk with your hands, "Mi mangiai, Americano!"  (Italian translation should be first to verify/correct this)
06:32.660-07:22.600 Jacque starts off by referring to the pig as 'he', so I kept that pronoun througout, instead of switching from 'he' to 'it' and back to 'he'.
09:26.670-09:30.830  So I said boy, I've gotta get to this guy if I wish to change the world. ~ I didn't put in quotation marks. He didn't actually say it, but thought it.