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Saved March 21, 2018
  • Worker Support Team: 
HR Board Main Pad:
  • Approves Sallaries & Hires of the Indivudls involved in any sponsored projects of the MOE
Email List:
Board Agenda & Notes:
Was an additional Voting Decision at teh Begining of 2018
Was a 
Secondary Asynchrnous Session:
In Between 1st & 2nd Planning Sessions:
May 9th-28th, 3013: Wrap UP & Post FollowUP from 1st Planning Session
April 17th-May 8th 2013: 1st Ramo Extended Planning Session: 
Feb 13th, 2013: (delited)
    Exist on Jay's computer???
Current Assets that Ramo and the HR Board have to work with and Hire People:
  • $900 BJC  (for Ramo, MMMoe, AcelaJob, & more .. . )
  • $500 J (for Global Communications, Ramo, Unigenie. . .)
  • $200+ CLN Inc. (for Fundraising & Grant efforts)
  • $200? WCTC (left over from Grant)
  • $500? CLN Inc. GAN Fund (Leftover Occupy Money, can pe applied to training and frundraising programs, and grants)
  • Total: $2,300???
Budgets List Link: e
Total: $2,250 to $2,700+ available as of 1/18/13
      75% towads work time: is about $1,687
Top Budget Project Priorities:
HR Contractor & Employee Policies:
Global Pay Rate Structures:
HR Equity Level Info Pad:
Job Position Descriptions:
Template HR Worker Proposal:
Temporal Job Vocabulary: