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Saved March 3, 2013
Proofing notes for Culture in Decline | Episode #4 "War On Nature" by Peter Joseph :
nomada on timeshifting
00:10:25,808 --> 00:10:28,357
into your favorite taco stand. [Bastards]  I added [Bastards], since it is heard as a background voice. No idea if it is relevante or if this is the way to add it
It sounds like a word said by PJ rather 'under his breath'.  Yes, I'm leaving it in but decided to change it to parentheses, rather than brackets.  I think we usually use the brackets to indicate words NOT said.  
00:13:27,110 --> 00:13:30,455
a very nice Gulf of Tonkin,  a marinate golf of Tonkin, ??
I think he is saying 'a very nice Gult of Tonkin', so I kept it as such!