Concurrent Framework Project (CF4hep) Meeting notes
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13th of February 

30th of January
12th of December
28th of November/
14th of November
7th of November
19th of September
29th of August 
15th of August 
6th of June 
30th of May 
23rd of May 
16th of May 
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25th of April 
18th of April 
11th of April 
4th of April 
28th of March, 
21th of March, 
7th of March, 
27th of February
21th of February
14th of February
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6th of December
22th of November
15th of November
8th of November
18th of October
11th of October
4th of October
27th of September
20th of September
23rd August 2012
9th of August 2012
(Some movements mentioned at the informal meeting)

From Illya and Marco:
19 July 2012

12 July 2012
# set up the minimal environment
setenv CMTCONFIG x86_64-slc5-gcc46-opt
setenv PATH /afs/$CMTCONFIG/bin:$PATH
source /afs/

# clone
git clone Gaudi
cd Gaudi
# configure for push via ssh
git remote set-url --push origin ssh://

# the default branch is 'dev/manycore', which includes the implementation of the special Message service

# build
make -j 20 -C build-dir install

# useful alias (to be improved)
alias gaudirun "python2.6 $PWD/cmake/ -x $PWD/InstallArea/$CMTCONFIG/GaudiEnvironment.xml"

# run an example
cd GaudiExamples/options
gaudirun GaudiCommonTests.opts


Audio Conference Details
Dial-in numbers:+41227676000 (English-US, Main)
Access codes:  0168656 (Leader)
                       0115919 (Participant)
Leader site:
Participant site:

5 July 2012
28 June 2012
21 June 2012

14 June 2012
Meeting cancelled due to the ATLAS software week meeting. 

7 June 2012