Federico Pistono - Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern? - Proofing Notes GJ 

Timeshifting started by nomada at 24/12/2011

  00:14:37,027 --> 00:14:39,000 "Maybe you will disagree on this subject, but then I must conclude that your reasoning is blocked by your sect/cult"
00:14:44,009 --> 00:14:46,028 "You say you can understand the scientific method, but you sound more like a brainwashed cult follower, than a scientist."

timeshifting done : )

Roddy! This is what I did for the last parts. Think they're ok like this? 

14:36.984 - 14:38.825 "I conclude your reasoning blocked by your sect/cult."
14:38.965 - 14:41.911 No, this does not count as a coherent argument.
14:42.089 - 14:43.569 Let’s see if I can find something else:
14:43.719 - 14:46.067 "You sound more like a brainwashed cult follower, than a scientist."
14:46.207 - 14:48.104 No, that’s not that either.
14:48.283 - 14:52.191 If this is so hard to grasp, I'll make a video on what a cult is

Proofreading Points: (Di, Final Review)
  This is a capitalization error I have seen a lot in this video and other places.  What follows the colon is a complete sentence.  Therefore, the word 'Out' should be capitalized.  I have corrected it in dotsub.
I have also omitted those padding phrases like : of course.

Here’s an interesting fact:
out of the 535 members of the U.S. Congress
only 22 have science or engineering backgrounds
and of these, only two might be considered
experienced scientists or engineers.