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Started from 8:24 though I did quickly check everything before, I didn't change any of the times before 8:24 - JPH

00:02:32,090 --> 00:02:35,950
Cooperation has its roots, obviously, in the early stages of our evolution.  

~ Changed to:  Cooperation has its roots in the early stages of our evolution.  'Obviously' is used three times, so did not use it here.  Better suited to the other sentences.

00:03:36,120 --> 00:03:39,850
From early stone and bone tools, to early farming and agriculture,
~ Added 'Going', otherwise it would read "From early stone and bone tools, to early farming and agriculture ... always resulted in ..."
~ Now reads:  
00:03:36,120 --> 00:03:39,850
Going from early stone and bone tools, to early farming and agriculture,

00:03:40,120 --> 00:03:42,930
to early developments in transportation and energy harnessing, 

00:03:43,440 --> 00:03:46,490
to the industrial revolution that transformed our economy at the time, 

00:03:46,730 --> 00:03:48,440
to the modern day of space exploration

00:03:48,640 --> 00:03:51,130
and the global internet technology and awarenesses

00:03:51,290 --> 00:03:54,210
always resulted in increasingly more connected, 

00:03:54,460 --> 00:03:56,280
more interdependent paradigms

00:03:56,780 --> 00:04:00,630
that conformed to the technical reality and awarenesses of the times.

  Not sure if there should be brackets around (Going)