ZDay 2012 - Los Angeles - Joe Alexopoulos - A Mad Economy - Proofing Notes
Final Review by Di (9/28/2012)

Reminder: We use the American spelling when the lecture is in LA (America); therefore, it would be 'behavior' rather than 'behaviour'. 

There were several phrases throughout Joe's piece that I decided to edit out because they didn't seem necessary either to the meaning or for  translation.
Example: In the following lines, for the sake of clarity and ease of translation, we could omit  'or what have you'.  I've chosen to do that in this cast.  Let me know if this action needs team discussion.

If you come up with an idea which then leads to a new technology
which is labor-saving or what have you, and it reduces the cost,
if we actually had a completely free market

nomada timeshifting at 2012-06-02

00:04:03,032 --> 00:04:06,019
and your perceptions. See, this thing => changed and to on

00:08:24,916 --> 00:08:30,529
But what that does by burdening those systems? With that it inflates the price => added the question mark instead of coma

00:08:33,880 --> 00:08:37,765
so it can go back, and it goes 'round and 'round; but the net effect, => added semi colon instead of a period

00:16:32,409 --> 00:16:37,168
That is going, going, gone! Imagine.
00:16:37,772 --> 00:16:43,419
High stress, a minority of free time, and as they were saying earlier,  => transfered Imagine from the second string frase to the first string as it seemsto be related to the prior afirmation.

00:17:17,168 --> 00:17:21,091
That same person that gets upset about the unemployment rate going up => I added "going up". I wonder if Julie deleted it because it is implicit that we would be upset only if it would go up, making it so unnecessary to be there :D  In this case he is comparing Mad Economy with RBE and, a few minutes before, was presenting a situation where the unemployment rate going up would be a good thing, so we should be clear in order to determine when is he talking about Mad Economy or RBE. I suggest : )

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00:05:21,756 --> 00:05:25,008
The sun isn't the center. We [don't] go around that." - added "don't" in square brackets to show that it's a verbal mistake by the speaker and it has been corrected by us in the transcription