Why Don't You Change?
Di Anna (8/9/2011) : I am doing the Final Review for this project.
At 4:54: The name mentioned is John Bowlby.  The following identifies him :
Attachment theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans. Its most important tenet is that an infant needs to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for social and emotional development to occur normally. Attachment theory is an interdisciplinary study encompassing the fields of psychological, evolutionary, and ethological theory. Immediately after WWII, homeless and orphaned children presented many difficulties,[1] and psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby was asked by the UN to write a pamphlet on the matter. Later he went on to formulate attachment theory.---http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attachment_theory

Speakers names have been added throughout because we cannot see them.

You should have a name point, but not a THING like that.--For translators, this would mean "You should have a focus, a direction for your life...but not attachments to goals themselves." 

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