Roxanne Meadows on Human Behavior - Z-Day 2010 - Proofing Notes

Di Anna: I am completing the Final Review and have added some comments for Eng.Dept discussion --and anybody else who would like to ;-)

Most media are is used to serve the interests of the power elite.

After researching this, 'media' is still considered either singular or plural, although in practice, more of us are using it as a singular noun today.  I checked two sources: American Heritage Dictionary which emphatically states that 'media' is plural for 'medium', and there's more debate about this on WikiAnswers.'media'_and_'data'_take_singular_or_plural_verbs

I decided to change it back to 'media are' because Roxanne is clearly talking about more than one, she says 'most' media, which indicates plural to me, and since she did say 'are' I think it's best to go with it. 

These notions, along with other statements such as: 'There will always be wars and rumors of wars' and that 'We will always have the poor amongst us' these are really awful notions.

I agree with the changes above, but I think our last decision was to use double quotes for statements and single quotes for words and phrases.  So I changed it double quotes.  
Maybe we should talk about that?

Dr. Mate also explains that the hardcore drug addicts that he treats, without exception, are people who have had extraordinarily difficult lives

People often think that jealousy is part of human (she gives an example of animals next and later she says 'innate' so I've changed it here) innate nature and someone once tried to back this up by saying "Every time I pick up my cat, my dog growls." This is really easy to overcome. If you give your dog a treat every time before you pick up your cat then your dog wags its tail. Every time you go for your cat, your dog will wag its tail. So, if this was really innate behavior then your dog would never wag its tail under these circumstances.
I don't think that we should change Roxanne's words here.  She is definitely talking about 'human' behavior and the example she relates with the cat & dog is given by a people who back up 'their' claims that 'jealousy is a part of human nature.' 'I've decided that 'human' is better in this case.  I don't think it's good to change the speaker's words in this case.   

Inborn; natural.
Originating in the mind.

People deprived of income will do whatever is necessary to provide for the necessities of life, if not for themselves, but for their families.
Good one.  I agree!