Men should not be economically and socially responsible for women. They shouldn’t be supposed to take care on women.

There is no such thing as a “natural motherhood”. It is wrong for women to be given preference in child custody, even if men traditionally aren’t in that field.

Men and women should be held to the same standards of sexual abuse and violence. If women feel harassed and receive help for unwanted sexual advances and violent threats, so should men in the same manner. Violence against men should be equally condemned as violence against women.

Women should take an equal role in dating. Men should be asked out by people who have an interest in them and not expected to pay always or most of the time.

A man should be able to marry and have kids with anyone he wants – including another man.

Men should have the right to choose any path in life – from being a Fortune 500 CEO to stay at home dad.

In education, men and women should be held to the same standards when being graded.

Men should have legal, easy access to all types of birth control – the research on the pill for men should be supported.

You would support an unmarried, promiscuous man for president (if you agreed with his politics).


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