OPENING EDUCATION:  How do we create educator enagement with open education?

Use the space below to add your ideas to the themes generated in today's initial discussions.

Helping educators to know more about OPEN
Model sharing and openness via tools such as etherpad
Open workshops online 
Just inform them. They need the basic information
New faculty orientation
Student orientation should include copyright and oer info
Showcase work of peers
Presentations to educators about OER - taking away the fear
--A gathering of people in the same disciplines working together: a departmental meeting perhaps
--Early adopters may not necessarily be the people who have the influence within their departments
Share and publish the presentations
Go beyond the institution for collaborative learning
Good examples and incentives
(@Bill_World) Helping educators to know more about OPEN??  1. get the learners involved, 2.  institutional policy, 3. ed instruc. designers
A team effort: people from T&L can speak to faculty in their language. A librarian can help faculty find and use OER.
Cultural shift in teaching to a communal effort.
Promote what's out there and what people are doing

Promoting OPEN teaching practices in our institutions

Showcase work of peers
Work with a group on encouraging and motivating sharing
Establish a reflective practice, of narrating work openly
Change attitudes of teachers and methodologies
Open pedagogies - what does it mean?  How to define?  Define before promo
Cross-displine discussions - the more you open up the discussion across institutions the more lively they will be
Know who to contact if you have questions (roster, helpdesk, or something like that)
(@Bill_World) Promoting OPEN teaching practices?? 1.  learner endorsement, 2.  faculty/staff recognition, 3. establish institutional champions
Highlight examples of where institution is already engaged in OPEN teaching practices. Often people don't realize they're already engaged!
National award for courseware might help increase prestige and maybe money?
Highlight areas where more sharing happening…health

How do you change teachers' attitudes?
Get instructors to understand the need for learning vs teaching
You can't. They need to do that for themselves. ;-)
Help instructors by getting them to focus on how they learn if it's by teaching ask them to allow their students to teach to the class, too
Find out how your students want to learn, don't be afraid to learn from them :)
show that the profs professional reputation will improve with increase citations in open access journals
(@Bill_World) How do you change teacher attitudes? 1. work with individuals to understand what they value, and connect with #open resources
Online courses bring issues of quality to the forefront - A teacher F2F can "hide" syllabus, etc from peers. Not so online.
Teachers feel beleagered (sp?) - convince them it will help them save time - in the long term.(Change curve - get them over that hump)
It's not only about saving time, it's also about enjoyment. Good point!
I have spoken to many teachers who were burnt out and only started feeling alive again when they started teaching online.
Rewards for teaching 
Prestige is motivator for traditional model for publishing  and tenure/promotion 
Reward for  publishing in open access publication ? build crediability of open access publications (editorial board members)

Administrators need to show that they think it is important.
How do you persuade admin to buy into OERs?
Conversations at all levels on campus
Find relevant open materials – teachers want to use what they want to use, regardless of open or not
Teachers are learners as well, they learn from students
Integrate conversations about OER into curriculum conversations

Influencing policy provincially, institutionally
We need OPDF funding to continue I agree!
Demonstrate that OER are a huge money saver 
How about money maker for the organization, too? (A penny saved is a penny earned...?)
Reuse and repurposing and sharing of materials
(@Bill_World) How do you influence policy provincially, institutionally?  Be #open. Ask @naomiyamamoto to join one of these events.
Institutionally, integrate into curriculum review process
Requirement to share resources/information developed through institutional/educational grants
build in openess sahd sharing as a requirement of outputs/outcomes
(@bill_world)  #open needs to be both bottom up and top-down otherwise it will take too long for our system to change.