The LTI is a wide body of information, tools and communication flow. It is critical that this structure serves the needs of everyone involved with the team. A top-down approach (few people coming up with structural changes that would supposedly make things easier and more intuitive for everyone) is much more inefficient and requires much more effort than a bottom-up approach, where everyone has an easy way to contribute. This pad, if successful, is only going to be a preliminary step to a much more sophisticated tool for feedback input. 

Please enter any critique you might have about the team's meetings, communication flow, attitude, clearness and intelligibility of information and anything else that you would like to see improved. It would be helpful if you can include any ideas you might have toward that improvement. Every entry is ANONYMOUS. Before typing anything, just change your nickname on the top right with some random letters. Thanks.


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This pad must be backed up after every update also in the document, found at That gives an extra safety against site crashes and data loss.

A suggestion for communication flow:  As I have understood it, maintaining the integrity of the transcribing/proofreading process has been an on-going issue for LTI.  Videos on dotsub have 'leaked out' into the public domain before the actual process of transcribing/timeshifting/proofreading in English have been completed.  This has resulted in premature translations and has necessitated calling back some of the videos to repeat the stages required to produce a quality transcription in English before any translations begin.  I would like to make the suggestion that we establish a priority/team/coordinator to communicate directly and regularly with those who have submitted their lectures to us.  We have learned that progress reports are necessary within our team.  Let's honor those who have submitted their work to us with progress reports as well.  --Di Anna Kruse (English Dept)