I like this poster because the words are not as powerful without the visual and what the picture implies. 

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This is a great poster demonstrating my purpose and reason for my goal to  develop my online Professional Learning Networks.

I wholeheartedly agree with this poster's statement.  I am able to teach or discuss certain concepts, but I do not have the capabilities to demonstrate or show certain ceremonies, or speak about certain topics from experience.  I need to acknowledge my own limitations, for myself and my students, and bring in individuals or groups who can speak to that experience.

This poster speaks to me because in our collaborative learning environment, many students feel justified in letting others take the lead.  Sometimes you have to walk by yourself because it is the right thing to do, or, because no one is willing to walk with you.  Walking alone is a sign of competency and bravery, and is quite frankly an undervalued trait in our collective and image-driven society.

I chose this poster because only oneself can determine one is successful or not as well as how to get there.

I chose this poster because I often tell my students that making mistakes are okay. It won't always go smoothly.  But if you keep working hard, you will reach your goal. I find students these days give up too easly and views mistakes or failures as like it's the end of the world.

I love this because I have 2 young children and my life has changed so dramatically to live and love them wholeheartedly. Its work, its sacrafice, but completely what I am ghere for on this planet now. I am in my 40's and see youth, students and children straying when they don't have strong support at home.
I believe this to be true, as I live in nature and I see the life in every form and how interconnected everything is. I mean, if I pull a weed, there will be a family of baby crickets waiting to emerge. The connections are endless.
I love the message of this poster because I think it's a great reminder to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and take risks with our ideas.
I chose this quote because as learners, it is integral that we are aware of our limitations so we know where we need to grow.
love this quote and explanation because I've always hated the question "Does anyone have any questions?" or my even more loathed, "Does this make sense?" No one is going to want to be singled out as the person with the question, and no one wants to be the one to say to another, "No that does not make sense at all."  Educators know that they have to check for understanding through other means, such as having others paraphrase or breaking out into smaller groups for questions.  I hope it makes people think more before asking that question rather lazily if you ask me.
I love this quote.  When people are educated and can think critically and read and analyze, they can understand discouse and look rationally at others' points of view.  And therefore prevent the need of an army in the first place.