As far as content goes, very little needed to be done to this one.

Without laboriously listing each one, adjustments were primarily in punctuation, and most of those were the addition or removal of commas.  Removals occured at the end of sub strings, since we decided to not use them there in most cases (exceptions include the need for a question or exclamation mark).

Spelling was excellent, as there were only two corrections needed there.

Unfortunately, and I apologize for this, I am simply unable to devote the time needed to adjust the timestamps.
The timestamps present here need to be expanded / lengthened to provide additional space for the translators to use, since many languages require more characters than English to say the same content and the current timestamps are too focused on the English lengths.  There is plenty of space between most strings here, so it should be a relatively simple matter of extending the end timings out to just before the next one starts (leave 100ms between strings), but only up to a maximum of 2 seconds beyond the time Charlie stops talking.  Of course, shorter strings don't need 2 seconds worth, so use your own best judgement.    :D