How would you use with students?

Here are some ideas:

Use it in a connected classroom by putting students into groups to do research tasks.
Get students to peer edit each other's work
Use it to get groups of students to take notes collaboratively during presentations or listening activities.

Feel free to try this out and leave any comments. Also try clicking on the time slider to see how it works. 

Trying it to see if highlight is automatic to show new user and it is. About to try to edit your work. Now shows my colour on the word I edited.


I like the idea of using it during a presentation, but I'd also like to hear from other people who have done it before I try to implement it.  I'm a bit amazed at how technologically illiterate & wary some people are--even at conferences and seminars geared towards CALL and ICT!
Wow - how cool is this!  Wonder if it would work for individual projects that need to be peer edited or just projects formated for group work?

Giving a try. Thanks Nik for the tip!
There are a slew of these "etherpads" to be found on this website

I especcially like the listening idea. Listening collaboratively is something we should do more often and to combine it with writing seems to be an intriguing idea. 

Generate feedback during presentations.

what's my color? same as Nik's?   Maybe there are only 5 colors?

Peer editing
has anyone tried it in a class?
Iam going to try it this afternoon in a work shop.
Shall we all add our ideas how can we use this in our teaching and learning 

How far this will be helpful in the classroom?


Moez H

This is quite intereting

Al  this is not good
Amal I can see u Nelson
his is excellent 
good for group work
when no teaching only chat

this is fantastic . Hi Moez  c'est vraiment du bla . Je crois que je ne peux pas l'utiliser en classe. Hi Rekha the crazy!! Mahbool wa safroulou fi wadhnou . Ya najiba ,ja yaoun fih ala qbar oumou
moez : faite attention 
hay no Frenh Moiez

oui tu a raison moi ausii je ne veux ni peux pas
mahboula w za8rtoulha fiwdhenha


This is just fabulkous


Moez stop frenching

this is good

oez do u spk chinese

what language is this 

moez n
knowing something new

Some naughty kids could delete other people's notes. 
Is there a way of saving the original version before others start peer editing?

How about saving each time you have completed your sentence?